We are a small yet versatile team of Project Management and eLearning Experts who are dead-set on helping PMP Certification candidates prepare for their exam.

The Team

Progressive Minds founders started this web site shortly after they went through their own PMP certification trainings and exams. The team realized that despite numerous resources available on the Internet, many candidates faced the same challenges as they did. Many needed to get a PMP Certification but were too overwhelmed with their day-to-day projects and family obligations to take the time for a career advancement move. Most could not afford or did not want to attend expensive PMP Bootcamps that concentrate on memorizing rather than internalizing the concepts.

The Strategy

The team soon decided to aim for a “Portable and Inexpensive Strategy”. As a result Progressive Minds founders, using their experience and knowledge, were able to take the guesswork out of the PMP Exam Prep and provide turnkey solutions that are user-friendly, affordable and provide results for the “Average Joe”.

The Results

Although Progressive Minds has only been around since 2011, we have already produced impressive results with a large number of successful candidates in different organizations around the globe. By helping professionals with our training packages and by designing intelligent online solutions, we believe we can establish ourselves as a leader in the PMP eLearning arena, and more importantly we believe we can make a difference for you !